The experts at CAA-Quebec Residential Advisory Services have prepared practical checklists to remind you of home maintenance tasks to attend to, both indoors and out, with each new season.

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Drains and Foundations: Prevention or Repair?

Drains and Foundations:
Prevention or Repair?
Dealing with drain and foundation issues in your house can be intimidating! This guide lays everything out for you logically in four steps. 

Insect and Animal Pests

Insect and Animal Pests
When and How to Take Action

The Healthy-Home Handbook

The Healthy-Home Handbook Recognizing and Monitoring Residential Risks 

Property inventory guide
The property inventory guide simplify things if ever you need to make a claim for losses.

Radon in the house?

Radon in the house? Read this information to learn how to manage the risks associated with high concentrations of radon.

Energy efficiency requirements

Energy efficiency requirements Check out the standards that CAA-Quebec suggests for new-home construction.

Reshingling Your Roof guide

Reshingling Your Roof guide
Prevent all kinds of problems before, during, and even after the work.

Homeowner’s Handbook
Take inventory of your house and schedule maintenance and repair work

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