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Save up to 25% on the cost of an inspection*

When and why you should have a vehicle inspected

  • Before buying or selling a used vehicle
  • Before a warranty expires
  • Before returning your vehicle after a long-term lease
  • Before heading out on a long road trip
  • To prevent a breakdown caused by a mechanical defect
  • After a repair, if you have doubts as to the quality of the work performed

After the inspection, you’ll be given a clear and accurate report of all the checks performed for your choice of inspection.

5 inspections adapted to your needs

Maxi Route

The ideal solution when you need a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle’s condition. 

This full inspection examines more than 180 points and includes the following:

  • Road test
  • Inspection on a computerized test bench (Montreal only)
  • Analysis of engine performance
  • Visual inspection of the vehicle and bodywork
  • Inspection for fluid leaks
  • Check of the braking system at all four wheels

Duration: approximately 2 hours

Maxi Route Hybrid and Electric 

A full report on the health of your vehicle. 

This inspection, the only one we offer for electric and hybrid vehicles, covers more than 180 points including the following:

  • Road test
  • Computerized check of the charging system 
  • Verification of charge-gun operation 
  • Summary scan of the various computerized modules and fault records 
  • Analysis of engine performance using a scanner (for hybrids)  
  • Visual inspection of body and paint
  • Check of the braking system at all four wheels

Duration: approximately 2 hours

Summer Road

Before you leave on vacation, or simply to ensure no-stress driving during the warmer months

This inspection without a road test focuses on the systems that undergo the greatest stress during a long road trip: battery, charging system, cooling system, suspension, etc.

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on vehicle type

Winter Road

Inspection ahead of the long, cold months of winter—which demand that your vehicle be in tip-top shape!

This inspection covers about 50 points, emphasizing the systems that will be most taxed during winter, including the battery and charging system, heating, block heater, brakes, tires and antifreeze.

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on vehicle type

Express Route

To get a sense of the overall condition of the vehicle

If you are pressed for time or have a limited budget for an inspection, Express Route is the perfect solution for you.

This inspection includes a brief road test and focuses on the behaviour of the engine, bodywork, suspension, brakes, etc.

Duration: approximately 1 hour, depending on vehicle type

Note: Customers choosing Express Route can conduct an visual pre-check of the vehicle using the document Inspect it YourselfPDF file



Find out more

This optional pre-check doesn’t require any special knowledge of auto mechanics. It can help determine whether a vehicle is in such poor condition that it isn’t worth spending money to have it inspected professionally.

This pre-check can also be a complement to certain points covered in an Express Route inspection.

Good to know

Some of our Vehicle Inspection Centres are accredited by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec to perform mechanical inspections and offer technical expertise for vehicles of less than 4,500 kg.



*In addition to the 25% discount, CAA Premier members get an additional discount of $25 on a full inspection.