Car insurance

Car insurance

Newly insured? Save an average of $252* when you choose the No‑Stress Policy®.

CAA-Quebec’s legendary peace of mind now extends to auto and home insurance. Be well insured and better protected.

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The No-Stress Policy’s discounts

Nouvel assuré?

Économisez jusqu’à 500$ en choisissant la Police antistressMD pour vos assurances auto.


Rabais supplémentaire

Obtenez un rabais supplémentaire en assurant à la fois votre auto et votre habitation ou en assurant plus d’un véhicule avec la même police.

Remise de 50 Dollars CAA

Combinez vos assurances auto et habitation et recevez 50 Dollars CAA. L’offre se termine le 30 avril.


Rabais de 10%

Obtenez automatiquement 10% de rabais sur votre prime. Et vous avez droit au même rabais pour votre assurance habitation!

Exclusif aux membres.

The benefits of the member-exclusive No-Stress Policy

  • No deductible to replace or reprogram the keys to your vehicle
  • No deductible in the event of a hit-and-run
  • No deductible in the event of a total loss
  • Depreciation protection for your used vehicle
  • The same outstanding service you’re used to from CAA-Quebec

And, of course, CAA-Quebec’s Roadside Assistance service, which you already enjoy!

The basic coverage 

  • Civil liability coverage of up to $2,000,000



    Civil liability coverage of up to $2,000,000

    Protects you against others in case of damage or injury. In Quebec, whatever the age of your vehicle, the law requires you to have civil liability coverage of at least $50,000. However, most insurers recommend coverage of $1 million or $2 million.

  • Collision


    Compensates you for damage caused to your vehicle. This covers damage that occurs to your vehicle in a hit-and-run, in a collision with another vehicle, in a rollover, etc. Deductibles of $250, $500 or $1,000 are offered.

  • Lost or stolen keys – No deductible

    Lost or stolen keys – No deductible

    Lets you replace or reprogram your keys deductible-free, up to $500. This claim does not increase your premium.



  • Hit-and-run or total loss – No deductible

    Hit-and-run or total loss – No deductible

    Covers you against damage that occurs in a hit-and-run or if your vehicle is a total loss, deductible-free*.

    *Some conditions apply.

  • Coverage for a rental car up to $75,000


    Coverage for a rental car up to $75,000

    Covers you in case of damage to a vehicle rented in Canada or the United States. You no longer need to purchase expensive insurance offered by car rental companies.

  • Travel expenses

    Travel expenses

    This protection offsets vehicle rental, taxi or public transportation costs you may incur while your vehicle is being repaired. The No-Stress Policy provides compensation of $75/day up to a maximum of $2,500. You are also entitled to a lump sum of up to $1,500 for your additional travel, meal and accommodation expenses, if necessary, during this same period.

You can add optional coverage:

  • Accident forgiveness

    Accident forgiveness

    You can make up to two claims, whether or not you are at fault, without affecting your premium upon renewal.* Note that windshield-related claims are not included in the calculation of the two eligible claims, as they are always forgiven.

    *Eligibility conditions apply.

  • Replacement cost

    Replacement cost

    Allows you to get a new car in case of accident (total loss) or theft. In case of partial loss, your car will be repaired with new, not refurbished, parts. This coverage is only available to owners of a vehicle that is leased or was purchased new four or fewer years ago.

  • Used vehicle depreciation protection

    Used vehicle depreciation protection

    This coverage allows you to replace your used car at its initial value (the price you paid for it).

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Make sure you have the following on hand:

  • Your driver’s licence
  • Your vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • A void cheque (if you want to pay in 12 instalments with no fees or interest)
  • Your CAA-Quebec membership card, to instantly claim your discount and earn CAA Dollars

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Notes and conditions

Notes and conditions

Average saving based on information gathered between August 23 and September 5, 2016, from 1,500 new clients who purchased the automobile No-Stress Policy®, the home No-Stress Policy®, or both combined. This amount is not a guaranteed saving.

CAA-Quebec auto and home insurance is underwritten by Prysm general insurance Inc. and distributed by CAA-Quebec. It is available exclusively in Québec.

Some conditions apply. The insurer reserves the right to choose the risks it covers.