Safe Ride Service

Not in shape to drive?

CAA-Quebec will take care of you

and your vehicle.





Whatever your reason — fatigue, injury or one drink too many — we’ll get you home safely!

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See how well we take care of you
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One drink too many? Think about CAA-Quebec’s Safe Ride Service

Our patrollers will take you — and your car — home safely.

This service, which counts as one of the four Roadside Assistance calls you are eligible for every year, is free of charge. Why not use it?

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Injured or unable to drive?

If a hospital visit or injury prevents you from driving, don’t be stressed.

CAA-Quebec will take you home... your car too!

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How does it work?

  • A patroller will tow your vehicle and drive you to your home, your hotel or your friends’ house if you are visiting, within a radius of 25 kilometres from the point of departure (50 kilometres for CAA Premier members).
  • Only the membership card holder may ride in the tow truck. If there are people with you, we will help them find another — just as safe — means of transportation!
  • Each Safe Ride Service counts as one of the four Roadside Assistance calls to which you are entitled each membership year.


  • On extremely cold days when there is peak demand for Roadside Assistance, Safe Ride Service will be offered subject to availability of personnel.
  • Extra kilometres travelled beyond the 25-kilometre radius (50 kilometres for CAA Premier members) will be charged to you, at the applicable regional rate.
  • Service is not available for recreational vehicles.

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Membership in CAA-Quebec means peace of mind whenever you take to the road, whether you’re a driver or a passenger.

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