Inventory of your property

How much do you think all of your property is worth? To answer this question, you need to proceed from room to room and describe everything in them, using this worksheet.

Why keep an inventory of your goods?

Whether you are a homeowner, co-owner or tenant, it’s always a good idea to take out home insurance, which normally includes coverage for your property as well as a civil liability clause.

The main benefit of an inventory is that it will simplify things if ever you need to make a claim for losses (e.g., after water or fire damage, or theft).

How to take inventory of your property

Proceed from room to room and describe everything in them, including as much information as possible. The list will allow you to establish the value of your goods fairly accurately and, in turn, to determine the amount of coverage you need from your insurer. If you own collectible items, works of art, jewelry or other special items of great value that might require additional coverage, contact your insurer.

We recommend that you estimate the “as-new” value of all your goods; that is, what it would cost to replace them at today’s prices, taxes included. To help you draw up your inventory, CAA-Quebec’s residential specialists have prepared a list.


Download the handbookPDF file – 1.2 MB


Once you complete your inventory, keep a copy outside your home (for example, in a safe deposit box) along with supporting invoices, warranties, make and model numbers, serial numbers, and photos or videos.

Take things a step further

Download the seasonal maintenance checklist: a practical guide to help you check the condition of items on your property and in turn extend the life of your house and everything in it.

consult the checklist

We hope that this guide answers most of your questions. If in doubt, get in touch with us!