Just before the end of spring break in Varadero, the doctor told us my 4-year-old son Gabriel had an ear infection. He strongly advised us not to get on a plane.

“Unfortunately, we hadn’t budgeted for an extra week: the extra cost of accommodations, new plane tickets, and medical fees came out to more than $5,000!

“Luckily, my CAA-Quebec travel advisor had persuaded us to take out insurance before we left. For $325,* we were able to extend our stay worry-free, to the delight of the kids – and our bank account!

– Susan

Thanks to CAA-Quebec Travel Insurance, you’ll leave with peace of mind

CAA-Quebec Travel Insurance can help you deal with unexpected events before or during your travels, of course, but it also covers your return trip! If an unforeseeable event beyond your control prevents you from returning on the scheduled date, the cost of extending your stay is covered.

A true story

Danielle and Mark holidayed in Varadero, Cuba, over spring break with their two children, Gabriel, age 4, and Julia, 5.

  • Gabriel developed an ear infection 24 hours before the family’s return date to Quebec.
  • The nurse from the Blue Cross travel assistance centre authorized a visit by a local doctor and a follow-up visit a few days later to determine whether it was safe for the child to fly back to Quebec.
  • Meanwhile, the family was granted a daily indemnity to cover the cost of meals and accommodation.
  • Five days later, once Gabriel was healthy enough to board a plane, Blue Cross travel assistance found the family a flight from Varadero to Montreal. 

Costs reimbursed

Two doctor’s appointments 
(initial visit plus follow-up to verify that the child
could travel by air with no danger to his eardrum)




5 days at $160 per day


One-way flight, Varadero–Montreal
$997.44 per person 


TOTAL costs covered by Blue Cross


CAA-Quebec offers a full array of travel insurance products with personalized and competitve premiums.

More info

*Package Plus Plan, 8 days (2 adults aged 40, with 2 children aged 4 and 5).