Picking the right paint is just as important as picking the right colour. Bétonel-Dulux offers some help in sorting out the choices of paint sheens.

No Gloss Sheens (Flat | Matt)
While always perfect for ceilings, no gloss paint is also great on walls in low traffic areas (such as in the master bedroom, formal dining or living room) for its rich, luxurious appearance and depth of colour. Flat or Matt sheens are also good for hiding minor surface imperfections such as dents or bumps.

Lower Gloss Sheens (Satin | Eggshell | Pearl)

With a higher reflectance value, lower gloss sheens are more durable. Satin is velvety and lush. Eggshell and Pearl are more versatile and are excellent for higher traffic such as kitchens, bathrooms, children’s rooms, hallways and family rooms.

Higher Gloss Sheens (Semi-gloss | Gloss | High-gloss)
The shiny finish of higher gloss sheens provides a decorative contrast to no or lower gloss sheens. Semi-gloss is highly wear-resistant and works well in kitchens, bathrooms and kids’ rooms, as well as on cabinetry, trim, doors and windows.

Gloss and High-gloss sheens are ideal for highlighting details (such as trim and decorative moulding) and for extra durability on doors and cabinets.

Did you know?
Paint colour chips are produced in a lower sheen and as such there may be some surprise in how the colour looks when painted in a higher sheen, with more light reflecting off of the colour. To help better visualize what a particular colour will look like in a higher gloss sheen, wet the colour chip with a bit of water.

More Painting Help
Visit betonel.com or a Bétonel-Dulux store near you, where expert and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you select the right colours, products and tools for that professional finish.

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