We’ve dissected travel insurance for you. And we’ve come up with 16 questions to help you assess the quality of your policy or to compare products.

Extent of coverage

  • Are your spouse and children covered (and up to what age)?
  • For travel insurance provided with a credit card, does the trip have to be fully paid with the card for you to be covered?

Emergency medical care

  • Does your insurance include coverage for emergency medical care worldwide?
  • What is the amount of coverage?

Good to know: It is recommended that you have minimum coverage of $1 million, or even higher, if you’re travelling to the United States.

  • Is there a deductible you have to pay?
  • Does your insurer look after the costs, or do you have to pay for healthcare on the spot and file a claim when you return?

Good to know: The amounts you have to pay for emergency care can cut heavily into your travel budget, even for a minor health problem.

  • Are there restrictions and exclusions related to your age or health status? If so, what are they?

Good to know: Depending on your age and the product you choose, your condition may be covered through an assessment of your health status.

  • Does your insurer co-ordinate claims with the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) and the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), or do you have to look after these steps on your own?

Trip cancellation or interruption

  • Does your insurance cover trip cancellation? If so, can you determine the amount of coverage or whether a ceiling is imposed?

Good to know: Some insurance plans, including CAA-Quebec Travel Insurance, offer comprehensive coverage for a wide array of situations.

  • Does your insurance include coverage in case of trip interruption? If so, is the amount limited?

Assistance and repatriation services

  • Do you get 24-hour-a-day assistance regardless of your destination, and in the language of your choice?
  • Are you entitled to the service of an interpreter?
  • Can you count on assistance in the following situations?
    • Loss or theft of identity papers, credit cards and driver’s licence
    • Identity theft
    • Threat to your safety that does not involve your health
  • Is a transportation and living allowance provided for a family member to be at your bedside, if required?
  • Does your insurance include repatriation, regardless of where you may be and even in the event of death?
  • Is repatriation of your spouse, children, vehicle and pet included?


According to the Travel Health Insurance Association (THIA), only 47% of people check their insurance coverage before travelling.* With this list of questions, you’ll be among the more farsighted! Remember to use it to check whether your current insurance is complete or to choose an insurance plan that suits you needs better.


* The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (2015, October) Survey Reveals What Canadians Don’t Know About Their Travel Health Insurance. Found at http://www.thiaonline.com