You’re planning a trip soon, but you’re worried about your health condition... Will you be covered by your insurance? Will you need to pay more? Read on for answers to your questions about travel insurance.

What is a pre-existing condition? How does it affect my premium?   

A pre-existing condition is a health condition that is already present at the time you purchase insurance or when you leave on a trip. It could be a case of the flu, high blood pressure, recent surgery, etc.

If you are aged 55 or older, each time you take out travel insurance or ask for a quote, you’ll need to fill out a health declaration. You’ll be asked questions about your state of health and any medication you may be taking. It’s very important not to leave anything out. The declaration will be used to decide what the travel insurance will cover, and how much the premium will cost.

Based on your age, the insurer will consider your pre-existing condition as low- or high-risk. As a result, your premium may be slightly higher than that for a person in perfect health.

If I have a chronic illness or another pre-existing condition, can I still be covered?
Your policy may cover your illness or other pre-existing condition, but it depends on the nature of the illness, its severity and its stability. Some illnesses are covered, while others, unfortunately, will prevent you from buying travel insurance.

With some illnesses, you may be asked to have your doctor complete a questionnaire and send it to the insurer. It will then be studied by the insurer’s own medical team. The questionnaire is not mandatory, but it is the best way of verifying whether your condition is covered. If your condition is stable and doesn’t represent an increased risk, it will be—and you’ll be able to leave on your trip with true peace of mind.

You can decide not to have the questionnaire sent to the insurer. In that case, your pre-existing condition will not be covered. Your travel insurance will cover you, however, in case of an accident or sudden illness that is unrelated to your condition.

Regardless of your age or health condition, it’s important to verify the coverage guarantees and limitations of your travel insurance. Not all travel insurance policies are created equal!

High blood pressure? Elevated cholesterol?

With CAA-Quebec Travel Insurance, if your condition has been controlled by medication for at least 12 months, you can benefit from a more affordable, personalized premium.*

* Conditional upon health declaration. Other conditions apply.

Don’t take the chance of a health irritant becoming a financial headache.
With Emergency Medical Care coverage from CAA-Quebec Travel Insurance, you’ll benefit from:
  • confidence in coverage from world-renowned Blue Cross®;
  • protection of up to $5 million in the event of a health problem, injury or accident;
  • follow-up in Canada if you need to return home for emergency reasons;
  • 24/7 travel assistance, worldwide.

For more details or to purchase your travel insurance, call 1 877 576-3594, visit the CAA-Quebec Travel Centre nearest you, or complete our online form.