Small motorized vehicles like scooters (sometimes called mopeds) have been all the rage for the past few years. Beyond their trendy style and eco-friendly appeal, though, driving them must be taken very seriously.

Motorized scooters are full-fledged road vehicles, and it’s important to consider them as such. For this reason, there are plenty of regulations governing their use.

A definition, first of all: a motorized scooter or moped is a two- or three-wheeled passenger vehicle with a top speed of 70 km/h, equipped with an electric motor or a gas motor with a displacement of not more than 50 cm3 with an automatic transmission.

To drive a scooter on public roads, you must have a Class 6D licence. Holders of a regular driver’s licence or a probationary licence in any other class (except Class 8) are also authorized to drive this type of vehicle.

Applying for a licence to drive a scooter
The conditions for obtaining a Class 6D licence are as follows:

  • be at least 14 years old (parental consent is required if the applicant is a minor);
  • pass the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) vision test;
  • pass the SAAQ knowledge test with a mark of at least 75%;
  • pay the required fee.
To properly prepare for the exam, it is suggested that applicants study:
  • the traffic regulations in the Driver’s Handbook*;
  • the driving techniques explained in the workbook Operating a Moped or Scooter.*
*These publications, among others, are available at CAA-Quebec’s vehicle registration service outlets.

An applicant who fails the test can take it again, but must wait at least seven days from the date of the first attempt.

It is important to note that any driver aged under 25 who has held a Class 6D for less than 5 years:

  • must respect the zero tolerance policy with regard to impaired driving;
  • will have his or her licence suspended for 3 months if s/he reaches 4 demerit points on his or her driving record.

A licence to drive a moped or scooter must be renewed every year. When operating the vehicle, the driver must always be in possession of a valid licence along with the vehicle registration and insurance certificates.


  • Since December 7, 2008, drivers of a moped or scooter aged under 16 have been prohibited from carrying passengers. Drivers who commit this offence are liable to pay a fine.
  • It is also prohibited to sell, rent or place at anyone’s disposal any equipment designed to increase the power or maximum speed of a moped or scooter.

You can register this type of vehicle at CAA-Quebec.
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