What are recycled parts?
Recycled parts mainly come from vehicles that have been taken off the road prematurely, for example after an accident. Often, these automobiles will have been declared insurance write-offs and sent to a recycling centre.

But not everything on these vehicles is destined for the scrap heap. Parts still in excellent condition are carefully removed by thoroughly trained recycling professionals, who ensure that each component meets quality criteria established by the recycling company. The parts are then painstakingly cleaned and inspected.

Recycled parts are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, so they are a perfect match for your vehicle, and are top-quality. And there’s a further advantage, not to be dismissed: they can often be had for less than half the price of a new part.

Doing your “part” for the environment
Most recycling centres are anything but scrapyards; they are serious operations. Besides giving a second life to vehicle components, these centres recover substances that are very harmful to the environment: mercury, antifreeze, motor oil, transmission fluid, batteries, tires, and so forth. All centres must comply with stringent environmental standards.

The next time your vehicle is in need of repair, remember to ask your mechanic for an estimate that includes a price comparison of recycled versus new parts. You’ll then be able to judge whether purchasing recycled parts is right for you. If you ask for recycled parts, all your mechanic has to do is order them from a recycling centre, which will deliver them in short order directly to the repair shop.

Or, if you are used to doing some of your vehicle repairs yourself, you can purchase recycled parts directly from a recycler.

Every time you choose a recycled part, you are doing your “part” for the environment. And you’re saving money to boot, without sacrificing quality. So there’s every reason to choose them!

  • 1-year/20,000-km guarantee on recycled, rebuilt and new parts, plus labour, when installation is performed in a CAA-Quebec Approved Auto Repair Service facility..

  • 5% discount on recycled parts at Lecavalier Auto Parts and LKQ Pintendre autos.