We often think that trip insurance is not necessary, especially when we are sure we will be able to leave. We are in good health, our papers are in order, all our reservations have been confirmed… However, some situations that are beyond our control—and not just medical problems—can occur and can end up costing us a pretty penny.

You’ll be reassured to learn that an all-risks cancellation insurance covers a host of unforeseen situations among others, heavy road traffic due to an accident or adverse weather conditions that cause you to miss a connecting flight during your stay (as a cruise boarding, i.e), or your departure flight.

A true story
Cost evaluation based on 2016 rates.

Take the example of Jean and Michelle, 53 and 51 years old, who reserved an organized 12-nights cruise in the Caribbean for $2,228 each. The package included the Montreal–New Jersey return flight. A dream vacation!

On the day of their departure, Jean and Michelle were on their way to Montreal when the unexpected occurred. Because of an accident, the police blocked the main highway between Quebec City and Montreal. The resulting traffic jam stopped hundreds of vehicles, including Jean and Michelle’s. Needless to say, even though they had given themselves plenty of time to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their departure, they were not on time to leave with their group…

Jean and Michelle missed their flight and their boarding… If they had not purchased trip cancellation insurance, their misadventure would have been a pricey one. Luckily, with just one call to the insurer, everything was taken care of. The insurer found them two one-way tickets to Antigua, where Jean and Michelle were able to meet the group at the first port of call. The two flights cost close to $1,950 (since last-minute purchases are often extremely expensive). The insurer also reimbursed them for their 3 first days at sea missed. As a result, thanks to CAA-Quebec Travel Insurance, they received a reimbursement of a total of $5,360. And the travel insurance cost them only $582*… not to mention that this is an annual insurance plan that could cover them for another trip!

Jean and Michelle’s story shows that before leaving on vacation, it can be a good idea to opt for the most comprehensive insurance policy; one that not only includes reassuring coverage for emergency medical care and delayed luggage, but also trip cancellation or interruption. 

With all-risks coverage, the reasons for trip cancellation aren’t limited to a pre-established list. Here are some examples:

  • sudden illness or death of a loved one,
  • damage to the home,
  • loss of identification papers needed to travel, one hour prior to departure,
  • visa refusal,
  • change of date for an end-of-semester exam,
  • and much more.

At any time, we advise to read the policy carefully and get informed about the existing limitations and exclusions.

*Actual prices for 2 travel insurance 17-days Annual plan – Package option insurance offering coverage for emergency medical care, baggage, trip cancellation ($2,500/person)/interruption (unlimited) and accidental death or dismemberment.