Caribbean cruise? Family getaway on the ski slopes? Coach tour in Europe? Wherever you’re headed and however long you’re staying, a dependable travel insurance policy should always be on your pre-departure to-do list.

When the unforeseen happens…
People often think travel insurance isn’t necessary. They’re healthy, their travel documents and their reservations are all in order.

But things can and do happen: a car or bicycle accident, or a sudden health problem that occurs during your trip can have an enormous financial impact. Even just a few stitches on your foot (darned seashell!) could run up a treatment bill that will keep you from enjoying the rest of your stay. Or what if a relative were to die a few days before you are due to leave on that all-inclusive sun trip? You’d have enough to attend to, let alone worry about losing the money you’d invested in your holiday.

… don’t get caught off guard!
When facing a serious situation beyond your control, you could be reimbursed for emergency medical expenses, the unused portion of your trip (or even the full price), or the additional cost of an early flight home—as long as you have insurance.

So when you’re budgeting for your next vacation, set aside a few dollars for a good travel insurance policy—a tiny percentage of the overall cost of the trip will buy you 100% peace of mind!

Leaving on a cruise? Did you know that: 

  • If you fall ill while at sea, the medical assessment and care on board ship are covered by the health portion of your travel insurance policy.
  • If you become sick during your trip, ship medical staff may require your evacuation or forbid you from re-boarding to prevent contagion from transforming the boat into a floating hospital. Trip cancellation or interruption coverage can come to your rescue and compensate you
  • If you lose your passport during your trip, you may be prohibited from re-boarding the ship or disembarking at ports of call. That’s when you need access to the effective assistance service your travel insurance policy provides, so you can procure a new passport as quickly as possible!
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