After having saved money to afford a well-deserved trip, you pack your bags and get ready to finally leave, with every intention of having a great time. However, the day before your departure, something unexpected comes up that prevents you from leaving. Naturally, you are disappointed to have to postpone your trip. But that’s not the worst of it: how much money will you have lost in this misadventure? Maybe not all that much, if you thought ahead like Karen did… 

CAA-Québec “Are we still going to Disney?”

Simon, my nine-year-old son, was holding back his tears. My youngest, Julie, stood looking up at me, wide-eyed and crying. On the eve of our trip, Julie had come down with an ear infection and our doctor strongly recommended against flying, providing us with a medical certificate to that end.

We had planned to spend a week in Florida, with three days at Disney World. The hotel and theme park tickets cost us $1,500, with the flight adding another $2,500, for a total cost of $4,000, and $2,600 of it non-refundable. We were paying more because it was spring break. Fortunately, we had arranged to spend four days at my parents’ place in Del Rey Beach.

If it had not been for our trip cancellation insurance, which was bought on the advice of our
CAA-Quebec counselor, we would have lost everything. Thanks to our insurance purchased for $365*, we recovered our vacation budget and rescheduled the trip for summer. Plus, because it was an annual policy, we didn’t have to buy additional insurance. You should have seen the smiles on our children’s faces...

Don’t go over your budget

CAA-Quebec Travel Insurance (underwritten by Blue Cross and AIG) offers all-risks protection for trip cancellation or interruption. Covering a broad range of unforeseen situations, this guarantee is a Blue Cross exclusive.

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*Package Plus: $1,500 per person. Some conditions apply.