Residential - Tips & tricks - Keeping carpets clean

Are you thinking of installing carpeting in certain rooms in the home or apartment? Are your toes already gleeful at the prospect of soft, warm floors? Before making a decision, you should look into the advantages and disadvantages of this type of floor covering.

Let’s look at the good side first. Available in a vast choice of colours and patterns, carpet absorbs noise – very practical if you don’t want to disturb the neighbours downstairs. When you want a new look, a carpet is easier to change than vinyl or ceramic tiles. Lastly, carpet is an attractive way to cover “plywood” or damaged flooring and you can do so at a reasonable price.

Carpet care
It’s no secret – everyone knows that carpets and rugs trap dust and dirt and are often a nuisance for people who have allergies or asthma. Even if you suffer from neither, do not neglect maintenance. Dust mites, mould, and bacteria will proliferate in a carpet left untended. You should vacuum at least twice a week or more often if need be. Move the vacuum cleaner back and forth and from side to side.

For deeper cleaning, you can call a specialized carpet-cleaning company. If you choose to do the work yourself with a rented machine, follow the instructions to the letter. In either case, be sure to stay off the carpet until it’s completely dry.

Did you know that even a freshly installed carpet or rug should be vacuumed immediately? In so doing, you will prevent an early build-up of dirt and wear and tear on the fibres. Also, you should know that no carpet is completely stain-proof. It can be stainresistant, but that won’t keep tough stains from leaving a mark if you don’t clean the spot promptly. 

Area rugs
Area rugs are an interesting solution when you want to add a warm accent to a room but don’t want wall-to-wall covering. In fact, area rugs are better for an occupant suffering from asthma or an allergy to dust because they are easy to remove for cleaning. To know if a rug needs to be cleaned, rub it vigorously with your fingertips for 5 to 10 seconds. If your fingers come away dirty, it’s time for a cleaning.