Your responsibilities as the policyholder

  • Inform your insurer quickly.
  • Document your claim well, using photos, videos, etc.
  • Keep all invoices and other supporting documents.
  • Don’t start any major work without the go-ahead from your insurer.
  • Don’t throw out or otherwise dispose of materials damaged in the incident without approval from your insurer.
  • Co-operate with the insurance adjuster who will contact you.
  • Make sure to supervise the work done following the incident.


The insurer’s commitment


  • Restore your property to the same condition as before the loss.
  • Depending on the situation, repair, replace or reimburse you for your damaged property.
  • Rapidly compensate you in the days or weeks following receipt of your claim and your list of damaged items.


Room for discussion


  • Would you rather entrust repairs to a specific contractor? Your insurer will recommend one or more, but you’re free to make your own suggestion: the insurer may agree to it, as long as the estimate is realistic.
  • If you don’t agree