Because an accident or illness can happen anytime, it’s vital that your family’s financial security be insured. While life insurance is a must, however, finding exactly the product you’re looking for isn’t always easy.
Guaranteed-issue life insurance is in a class by itself: as its name implies, this type of coverage is accessible, whatever your circumstances. Here’s an overview of this ideal solution.


Guaranteed-issue life insurance is for you if…
  • You have previously been refused coverage by an insurer.
    No worries! You’re sure to be approved, regardless of your health condition. You cannot be refused coverage, for any reason. Forget medical exams or questionnaires!
  • You are in a low income bracket, but you still want to leave something to your children and grandchildren.
    Your rate will never increase, so you know you’ll always pay the same amount. This makes it easier to budget for payments.
Q. When is the best time to take out a policy?
A. Now! The younger you are, the lower your rate will be.

Q. How long will my insurance last?
A. Forever! This type of insurance protects you for a lifetime.

As an example, let’s look at the coverage offered through CAA-Quebec:


Q. Who is eligible?
A. Anyone between the ages of 40 and 75.

Q. What is the coverage amount?
A. Basic coverage is up to $25,000. That’s enough to cover your funeral expenses, provide financial security for your loved ones, help see them through difficult or unforeseen circumstances… even treat them to something extra.

In case of accidental death before age 85, the benefit increases fivefold—i.e., to a possible maximum of $125,000.

If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you are entitled to a tax-free Living Benefit advance of up to 50% of your coverage amount.

Q. Are there special benefits for CAA-Quebec members?
A. Absolutely! When you purchase this insurance, you will receive, as a CAA member bonus, an additional free coverage of up to 2% every year (for up to 25 years of continuous CAA-Quebec membership). That could represent as much as $12,500 in extra coverage!

If any other questions come to mind:
1 866 315-6434
Remember… the earlier the better!

*This product is subject to certain conditions and restrictions. For details, talk to an advisor.