Getting rid of used motor oil

Don’t dispose of used motor oil in the garbage or sewers! Our Approved Auto Repair Services can recycle it!
Did you know that just one litre of used motor oil is enough to contaminate one million litres of drinking water? That’s why the wisest choice, and the only one, is to ensure that this lubricant so essential to the health of your automobile’s engine be properly disposed of after its useful life is over.

Take your old oil to a CAA-Quebec Approved Auto Repair Service

Several members of the CAA-Quebec Approved Auto Repair Services network care about doing their part for the environment, so if you’re a do-it-yourselfer in the habit of doing your own oil changes, you can now take used motor oil to these service stations for it to be recycled in environmentally friendly ways.

Find the participating service station nearest you

To find the service station closest to you that offers this service, simply visit the CAA-Quebec Approved Auto Repair Services search engine and, look for the Clé Verte accreditation. They will also accept oil filters as well as empty containers and aerosol cans. Every action counts when it comes to protecting the environment…