School safety patrols

School safety patrol, a simple, free program

The patrol at a glance

Organizing a safety patrol with CAA-Quebec’s help...
it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • For useful advice and answers to your questions
  • To obtain the necessary material
  • To get all the free documentation to run your school safety patrol

  • A patrol addressing multiple needs

    • School: To ensure smooth traffic inside the school and in the schoolyard.
    • School bus: To remind students of the safety rules to be respected when getting on or off the bus.
    • Pedestrian: To remind students of the safety rules for crossing the street at certain crosswalks near the school, with the assistance of adults when necessary.
    • Trottibus: a walking bus that accompanies groups of children to school.
  • Everyone wins

    • Schools benefits from a free, easy-to-implement program.
    • Students has an enriching experience that improves his or her self-esteem.
    • Parents enjoys a safer living environment.
    • Public safety: safer school crossings
  •  “I’m always on the job, no matter what the weather’s like!”


    – Raphaël Lapierre, 2016–2017 School Safety Patroller of the Year

  • Material

    School safety patrol membership cardPDF file – 84 KB

    Certificate of meritPDF file – 96 KB

    Information brochurePDF file – 515 KB

    School safety patrol organizer’s guide
    PDF file – 2.7 MB

    School safety patroller’s logbookPDF file – 1.8 MB

  • Patroller today,
    good citizen tomorrow…
    Good behaviours for life

    • Leadership
    • Learning teamwork
    • Self-confidence
    • Sense of responsibility
    • Safe behaviours

The patrol on video

A dynamic program, enthusiastic youngsters…

School Safety Patroller of the Year

Activities to reward school safety patrollers

La brigade scolaire CAA-Québec
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“We have more than 75 school safety patrollers at our school. The work they do is greatly appreciated, and the young patrollers feel extremely valued and involved in their community.”



Nathalie Poirier, Safety Patrol Supervisor, École Saint-Marc, Candiac



Congratulating thousands of patrollers on a job well done…


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