Mission of the Foundation

The CAA-Quebec Foundation is a charitable organization that seeks to contribute to road safety and environmental protection relative to automobile use through research, education and awareness-raising.


The cornerstone of the Foundation: Research and Education

The CAA-Quebec Foundation’s primary goal is to advance research and raise public awareness of the fundamental issues of traffic safety.
Particular attention is paid to the following topics:

  • Road safety (or the lack thereof) in the public mind;
  • Safety and mobility for seniors;
  • Safety for young drivers.

To help improve traffic statistics and, ultimately, save lives, the Foundation takes concrete actions:

  • Conducting and publishing in-depth studies and investigations;
  • Raising awareness in school settings (e.g., dangers of texting while driving and impaired driving);
  • Conducting road safety awareness activities using the driving simulator.

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Tips for seniors and their loved ones

Created by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), the new portal clearly reflects CAA-Quebec’s position: the organization seeks to support seniors by helping them maintain safe driving skills for as long as possible.

How to help an older driver booklet
PDF file – 3.1 MB

  • Adjusting Driving Habits
    • Signs that Driving Habits Should Change
    • Talking About It Doesn't Have to be Hard
    • What to Expect when Renewing Your Licence
    • Alternative to Driving

We all know that medications can sometimes affect our ability to drive safely

Few videos that can help you and your loved ones assess and maintain driving skills, and even start a conversation on adjusting driving habits, if needed.

A few tools that show how physical changes as we age can affect aspects of our driving, such as vision, and what to do about it.
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Road safety research: The Foundation isn’t alone

Within the federation of clubs belonging to the CAA and AAA, there are many foundations committed to advancing the important cause of road safety. The CAA-Quebec Foundation, among other activities, might very well draw inspiration from existing studies and adapt them to the Quebec context.

One particularly well known foundation in North America is the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAAFTS), founded in 1947. Its mission is to identify problems related to road safety, to support research in the field, and to distribute relevant educational material. Here are two examples of AAAFTS studies that have attracted media attention.

Older Adults’ Knowledge About Medications That Can Impact Driving, 2009

Complete versionPDF file – 1.3 MB

Safety Impacts of Pavement Edge Drop-offs, 2006

Over the Edge brochurePDF file – 1.5 MB