Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity in Quebec. Automakers are marketing more and more affordable and longer-range models, consumers are increasingly interested in the technology, and the government is betting big on transportation electrification. These types of automobile remain little known, though, so CAA-Quebec has taken on the task of demystifying them.

Drive Green!

CAA-Quebec has teamed up with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Corporation des concessionnaires automobiles du Québec (the provincial automobile dealerships corporation) to produce four videos that provide the opportunity to learn more about driving electric.

Myths vs. reality

There’s still plenty of reluctance—not to mention misconceptions—on the part of the public when it comes to electric-vehicle technology.

With this video, viewers can get an idea of how much the average person knows about this vehicle category, and learn some key facts about them as well.

Charging stations

There are several ways to charge an electric vehicle. Whether you use a public or a residential charging station, the range of options is varied, and so is the cost. This video explains the various types of connectors and charges, with all the information you need to understand how charging stations work.

More info about charging stations is also available on the CAA-Quebec website.

Financial incentives

The electric-vehicle purchase incentives offered by the Government of Quebec are among the most generous in North America. These and several other benefits—such as free access to ferries, and discounts on purchase or leasing of plug-in electric (PEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles—make going electric a very attractive option for many consumers.

This video outlines all of the economic incentives offered by the Quebec government.

The pleasures of driving

Ah, but are electric vehicles fun to drive? You bet they are!

This video features sales representatives who were fairly hesitant at first to try out this new technology, along with curious consumers. Ride along with them as they test-drive electric vehicles, and learn their impressions and their appreciation of them.

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