To help you choose your next vehicle

Driving costs

Calculation chart to calculate the driving costs of your vehicle.

Warranties on new vehicles

At a glance, compare the warranties offered by all Canadian manufacturers.

Vehicle transport and preparation charges

Learn more about vehicle transport and preparation charges.

Automobile financing

Resource for any consumer wishing to make an informed automobile purchase decision.

Driving Cost Calculator

What’s the true cost – to your pocketbook AND the environment – of owning a new vehicle?

Electric vehicles

What you need to know : electric vehicle cost calculator, charging ctation locator and more...

Private purchase or sale of a vehicle

Download the contractPDF file – 386 kB

Automobile recalls

Is your vehicle involved in a recall?

Take it seriously  and take a look at the resources suggested by CAA-Quebec!

Public interest issues

Gasoline Watch

Realistic daily price in your region, how the pump price is determined.

Road Problem Watch

Report a problem with the road network at any time.

Driving school

Family Driving Agreement

A model for an agreement between a young driver and his or her parents, outlining the rules to be followed concerning use of the family vehicle.

Download the Family Driving AgreementPDF file – 117 KB

Road Safety references


Tips and strategies

Aging drivers

Helping aging drivers

Driven to distraction

The hidden hazards of distracted driving

Useful addresses

To help you, CAA-Quebec has compiled a list of useful Web addresses in the automotive services industry.

See the list of useful automotive services addresses