“Historically cold.” “Astoundingly frigid.” “Siberian temperatures.”

There’s been no shortage of superlatives in the media to describe the cold snap that lasted from December 27 to January 8... and all of them were accurate! Now I’m going to use the superlative “colossal” to describe the work done by CAA-Quebec in every region of Quebec. 

Our customer contact centres, patrollers and associated teams provided no less than 91,000 Roadside Assistance services during this period — a record. That’s the equivalent of us coming to the aid of the entire population of Brossard or twice that of Rimouski!

Imagine: 1,100 Roadside Assistance vehicles criss-crossing the province and as many as 200 people taking calls 24/7. We needed to be there, and we were, helping tens of thousands of motorists get on with their daily activities, despite the cold. Obviously it wasn’t always a piece of cake, and we faced some challenges along the way, but the desire to serve was our overriding motivation and our members showed understanding.

Many of our employees ate their traditional New Year’s Day supper heated up in the microwave at work. You can imagine our pride at being able to rely on such a dedicated team, just as you too were able to count on them.  

We are proud of having been there for 1.3 million people. In fact, CAA-Quebec will always be there, always at the ready, on Christmas and New Year’s Day... and every day in between!

Richard Lachance, President and Chief Executive Officer, CAA-Quebec