More and more employers are welcoming cats and dogs at corporate offices. CAA-Quebec thinks that’s great, and recently decided to take things a step further. A few weeks ago, animals were fully integrated into its workforce. The experiment has been so conclusive that the organization Is even considering issuing them their own membership cards.

So far, the human-animal coexistence is a win-win—see for yourself in this video (in French).

 “The dogs have been having so much fun making photocopies; it’s really great to see,” says newly appointed Communications Director Avril Poisson, while admitting that there are challenges aplenty: “Cat hair on people’s suits, ‘presents’ left on the floor, chewed-up documents. . . but in the end, who’s bothered by it?” she wonders.

Adds Sophie Gagnon, CAA-Quebec’s Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs: “Having pets at work is also good for morale and reduces absenteeism.”

Yes, it’s (partly) true!

Have no fear: you won’t see Brutus, Socks or Smokey driving the tow truck the next time you call for Roadside Assistance! CAA-Quebec hasn’t turned into a menagerie, but this story isn’t designed entirely to fool you, either: it contains an element of truth.

What’s true is that pets are now part of our daily lives—practically family members. How? With The Assistant, a new service included with the CAA-Quebec No-Stress Policy® for your home insurance. It provides access to five telephone helplines: The Assistant for Legal Advice, The Assistant for Personal Life, The Assistant for Health, The Assistant for Residential Advice, and The Assistant for Pet Health.

Sharing your home with your pets is a real challenge—in real life!

More than a third of CAA-Quebec members have pets[1]. While these animal friends make loving companions, their health and wellness can be a source of constant concern, explains Suzanne Michaud, CAA-Quebec’s Vice President, Insurance. “So what we’ve introduced is nothing less than an ‘Info-Santé’ helpline for pet health for all our members who have the No-Stress Policy® for the home!” she adds.

“Info-santé” for doggies and kitties

The Assistant for Pet Health is a one-of-a-kind, fast, efficient, customized source of information on dog and cat health issues. The helpline is truly appreciated by pet owners, one third of whom say they don’t have enough resources to turn to for answers to their questions about animal health and behaviour[1]. “Now, just a phone call away, they have a credible resource in the form of a veterinarian or animal health technician who’ll be pleased to answer their questions on pet health and nutrition, or recommend a breeder or a obedience school, for example,” Ms. Michaud adds. (CAA-Quebec wishes to clarify that its Assistant for Pet Health specialists do not provide medical diagnoses.)

The Assistant isn’t an April Fool; it really exists. But you should still be wary of pranksters on April 1—they’re everywhere!

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[1] Online survey conducted by CAA-Quebec between November 30 and December 10, 2017, which polled 948 members aged 18 and over, selected at random from a list of members for whom the organization and had an email address on file. The margin of error is 3.2%.