• Stricter legislation,
  • Better equipped law enforcement agencies,
  • Education and awareness-raising measures that work!

That’s just an overview of the suggestions made by CAA-Quebec Foundation Director Marco Harrison to the by-invitation-only consultation held by the Quebec National Assembly Committee on Transportation and the Environment into cellphone use while driving.

Concrete actions are essential and the solutions lie in awareness-raising, legislation and coercion.

More specifically...

Five measures were proposed:

  • Increase the number of demerit points for drivers who reoffend within two years.
  • Expand the definition of presumption contained in the Highway Safety Code (Section 439.1) so that a driver using a hand-held apparatus that resembles a device that includes a telephone function is presumed to be using a device that includes a telephone function.
  • Dialogue with the federal government to develop specific provisions in the Criminal Code regarding cellphone use at the wheel when there is an accident that causes a death or serious injury Code.
  • Encourage all stakeholders to come together to speak with a single voice and to convey a common message.
  • Lobby the authorities to make signal jamming possible on the roads.

Infotainment systems shouldn’t be neglected either

Drivers are tempted to be distracted by all sorts infotainment systems, and it’s also time to deal with this issue. Standards are needed to make them safer.