According to a very informal and somewhat provocative vox pop conducted with our Facebook community, it would appear that cyclists are the ones who should make the most effort when it comes to sharing the road in Quebec. Interesting!

In answer to the question “Who needs to make the most effort when it comes to sharing the road in Quebec?,” 46% of the CAA-Quebec Facebook community said cyclists. Motorists ranked second at 31%, followed by heavy vehicles (11%), pedestrians (10%) and motorcyclists (2%). Nearly 1,000 people responded to this “survey,” 43 “liked” it and 3 people gave it a “sad face” for unknown reasons.

What interested us most in this probe were the reactions and comments. If we had included the choice “all of the above,” as François wisely suggested, the debate would have ended there, since that would have been the most intelligent answer.

We also have to agree with Alain, who finds it “ridiculous to separate users like this. What cyclist has never been in a car? There are people who behave selfishly, regardless of the mode of transportation.”

For his part, Stéphane thinks “everyone has a lot of work to do in Quebec.” Johanne agrees: “Just take a look at other provinces.” Do you agree?

A certain BigGus feels that people talking on their phones are the ones who need to make more effort. We should also mention texters while we’re at it!

Among other interesting ideas for answer choices for a future poll, Jean-Yves suggests “idiots.” This group is certainly an easy target! “A fool doesn’t need a particular vehicle to practise his art, he just needs himself,” he concludes in a message as wise as that of the content of a fortune cookie.