Robert really needs a friend

This day has definitely been one to forget for poor Robert. First, he discovered he’d lost his wallet. Poof, gone. His youngest is in bed with a fever that won’t let up. His teenage daughter, meanwhile, is at a friend’s place, having left the kitchen looking like a war zone. His beloved chihuahua is having a crisis and has chewed a corner of the living room rug. And to top it all off, he’s noticed that some pesky raccoons have made a home in his backyard and taken his lush green lawn for a five-course meal.

“When it rains, it pours!” our despondent Robert can be heard to say. Okay, we admit it: this particular predicament is somewhat over-the-top. . . but haven’t we all had the feeling, at least once in our lives, that “the universe has it in for us?”

Quick, we need an Assistant!

It’s the sort of situation in which we really could use a helping hand. That’s exactly what CAA-Quebec is offering with The Assistant. This new telephone helpline has been available since January 1 to all holders of a CAA-Quebec home insurance policy. Other insurers offer services like legal and health assistance, but none provides as many under one roof as The Assistant from CAA-Quebec.

No, we won’t be sending patrollers to Robert’s place to take his kid’s temperature, or provide obedience training to his chihuahua; they’re busy enough with Roadside Assistance! Rather, The Assistant is a phone-based service that can fill in for your best friend: you know, the one who’s always there to listen and give great advice, and steadfastly supports you in everything you go through in life.

Concretely, here’s how The Assistant could help poor Robert:

  • The Assistant for legal advice and identity theft. Robert could call for advice on how to avoid identity theft after losing his wallet. The Assistant can also be useful in case of divorce proceedings or a disagreement between neighbours, for example.
  • The Assistant for personal life. Robert could ask for a list of trustworthy housekeepers in his area. Other examples: finding a daycare, a seniors’ residence, etc. There’s no limit to the number of calls.
  • The Assistant for health. Robert good could quickly access advice from a nurse on what to do about his son’s fever. Health advice is available 24/7, 365 days a year, with unlimited calls.
  • The Assistant for pet health. Robert could ask why his pooch is intent on ruining his furniture and, if need be, get a referral to an obedience school... or an animal psychologist! (By the way, what’s good for Fido is also good for Mittens!) 365 days a year, unlimited calls.
  • The Assistant for residential advice. Robert could get advice on how to read his backyard of the raccoons partying there. Or recommendations of trustworthy contractors along with a wealth of home maintenance, renovation and prevention advice. These are CAA-Quebec’s renowned Residential Advisory Services, now available to CAA-Quebec Home Insurance policyholders.

 A bit like your brother-in-law... but even more reliable!

In short, The Assistant is like your best friend or your brother-in-law, except we happen to be experts in several fields. Plus, we’re a friend who doesn’t party during the Holidays and who’s always awake late: some services are also available evenings, and even overnight, like The Assistant for Health. And just like your best friend would say, we’re here for you. So feel free to call!

Credible, reliable information

“In our fast-paced modern lives, access to a service like this, providing reliable, credible information, is increasingly relevant,” says Suzanne Michaud, CAA-Quebec’s Vice President, Insurance. “The Assistant provides serious added value for anyone looking to maximize their time and enjoy peace of mind.”

Are you insured with us? Add the phone number for The Assistant to your contacts right away: 1 844 629-9799.

See the detailed descriptions of the five The Assistant helplines.