Come and experience CAA-Quebec with us!


A stimulating career awaits you

  • Ready for take-off!


A warm welcome. Custom training. Onboarding support and guidance for 100 days (professionals and executives). You’ll have the tools you need as soon as you arrive.

  • Benefits galore.

    Pension plan: matching contributions

    Comprehensive group insurance:
    dental, physio, chiro, etc.

    Teamwork + goals achieved = annual performance bonus

  • Opportunities to socialize.

    Activities, outings, meals with colleagues and festivities.
    A vibrant living environment!

  • Free CAA-Quebec card.

  • Time to recharge.

    Moving time for nomads. Weddings for lovers. A baker’s dozen of paid holidays. Plus annual vacation leave!

  • Work out. Stay healthy. Be zen.

    Winning combinations: family assistance program, lunch-hour fitness training, health conferences, and much more!

  • Discounts, discounts, discounts.

    With our partners, at our Travel Centres and for your insurance. Take advantage!

  • Join the team.


Some benefits are for permanent employees only.