$3,000 travel credit to be won

The Under the Sun contest is in full swing from February 7 to April 3!

You get one chance to win every time you show your membership card at Couche-Tard for a transaction that includes a fuel purchase.

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CAA Dollars reward on fuel purchases

Now, every drop of fuel counts! Every day, get up to 3¢ back in CAA Dollars per litre when you buy fuel at participating Couche-Tard stores.

For CAA Classic, CAA Plus® and CAA Premier® members, the rebate is calculated on the basis of the number of litres of fuel purchased per transaction:

  • 0 to 34.99 litres: 1¢ back in CAA Dollars per litre of fuel
  • 35 to 54.99 litres: 2¢ back in CAA Dollars per litre of fuel
  • 55 litres or more: 3¢ back in CAA Dollars per litre of fuel

Are you a CAA Plus RV and CAA Premier RV member? Get 3¢ back per litre of fuel no matter the number of litres purchased.

Any payment method can be used to take advantage of this offer.

Discount on Favorites products

Enjoy a 20% discount on Favorites products sold at all Couche-Tard stores. They include useful products for motorists such as windshield washer fluid and motor oil, as well as everyday items such as bottled water, energy drinks, chips and candy.



  • The CAA Dollars rebate applies at participating Couche-Tard stores on all types of fuel.
  • The discount applies on all Favourites products, before taxes and deposit.
  • These offers are valid upon presentation of the official CAA-Québec membership card and cannot be combined with any others.
  • Payment for fuel inside the store or directly at the pump (where the equipment provides for this).

CAA-Quebec and its partners reserve the right to modify or terminate the services and benefits at any time, in whole or in part, without prior notice.