Seasonal maintenance checklists

A healthy house means a worry-free home life. Maintenance and preventive work are the key! Rely on us for support and advice, and you’ll be a pro yourself in no time. 

Why keep an inventory of your goods?

The experts at CAA-Quebec Residential Advisory Services have prepared practical checklists to remind you of home maintenance tasks to attend to, both indoors and out, with each new season. For example:

  • Inspecting your roof in spring;
  • Cleaning various appliance filters in summer;
  • Installing cold-weather protections in the fall;
  • Checking on your plumbing in winter.

You simply download the guides as PDFs, and you can then check off items onscreen as you go, or print the guides and complete them by hand. (You’ll need Adobe’s free Reader software.) 

The checklists

SpringPDF file – 1.5 MB

SummerPDF file – 1.4 MB

FallPDF file – 1.5 MB

WinterPDF file – 1.5 MB


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Keep up the good work!

Download our Property Inventory Guide. This tool allows you to get a fairly accurate idea of the value of your home’s contents and, in turn, to determine the amount of coverage you need from your insurer.

Consult property inventory guide

In addition—although we certainly hope this never happens to you—it will simplify things if you need to make a claim for losses.

We hope that these tools provide the answers to most of your questions. If in doubt, get in touch with us!