What is mediation?

This is a free and practical service, exclusively for members, in the event of a dispute or misunderstanding with a CAA-Quebec Approved Supplier regarding the quality of a residential service provided.

How does it work?

After hearing both sides, CAA-Quebec uses every necessary means to find a satisfactory solution.
Every supplier belonging to the network has previously agreed in writing to abide by CAA-Quebec’s Residential Services mediation and conciliation program.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Being involved in a dispute over specific work performed by an Approved Supplier.
  • Being a member of CAA-Quebec before the work begins, when assistance is requested and during the conciliation.
  • Requesting a settlement for a dispute that exclusively concerns work performed at a primary or secondary residence.
  • Being able to supply relevant supporting documents (invoices, contracts, warranties, etc.).


  • Montreal: 514 861-6162
  • Elsewhere in Quebec: 1 888 627-6666